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8 Influential Free Business Listings in Australia

While looking for free and inexpensive ways to get visibility on the Internet, we came across free business listings or directories.

We did a bit of research to find out which were the most influential free business listings in Australia.

If you run or work for a local business in Australia, you can improve your online presence registering on these free business listings.

The registration process (on the 8 platforms) took us about one hour.

This has been done just recently, so we are still in the search for more free business listings and hope to get feedback from you. Here we go with our findings so far.

Note: The websites were selected by checking their Webscore Page Rank using this tool: Webscore – Web popularity evaluator and rank calculator. Probably it isn’t the best metric, but we didn’t want to spend much time on research.

Free Business Listings

1. Yellow Pages

Surprisingly, Yellow Pages is at the top of the list with 71.5 website score. www.yellowpages.com.au.

Yellow Pages are not as effective as they used to be several years ago.

But, they are offering free listings now, just follow this link and register your listing for free: Complimentary Listing.

We did so a week ago and 24 hours after submitting the online form, we received a call to confirm our complimentary listing.

The downside is that it’s just a text ad and there aren’t many business categories available for free.

We had to list our company under “Computer Software” as it was the closest to “Online Success”, “Online Advertising” or “Web Design”.


2. TrueLocal

It was expected to have TrueLocal ranking high on our list. Their website score is 67.5. www.truelocal.com.au.

TrueLocal is such a popular directory which also serves as an important hub for businesses, as they can respond directly to reviews left by clients.

It was acquired by Sensis (same company that owns Yellow Pages) in 2013… smart move from Sensis, I think.

Submit your business here: TrueLocal Sign up.


3. Yelp

Third on our list with a website score of 64.3.

Yelp Australia went live in November 2011 www.yelp.com.au.

The Australian website was supported through a partnership with Telstra, which provided one million initial business listings.

Your local business may be already on Yelp, so you can try to claim it here Yelp for Business Owners.

If your business isn’t there, they’ll give you the option to add it.

We believe Yelp will become more important in Australia and will climb to the top of the list of free business listings.


4. dLook

With 49.2 website score, dLook claims to have over 1.5 million listings. www.dlook.com.au.

We’re not really sure what’s going on with this website, we’ve submitted our listing a week ago and it still doesn’t show up on the results.

Their technology is not really good either; they don’t even have a proper “Forgot Password” option (you can send them an email though).

And I could register exactly the same listing one week after… these guys need some automation. Specially to prevent spam. No wonder why the listing I’ve submitted a week ago hasn’t been approved yet.

We must admit, we don’t like this website. But even when we don’t like something, we base our actions on numbers and results. dLook ranked well on the test, so here it, is fourth on our list.

So, if you want to risk wasting 5 minutes, go ahead and submit your listing dLook sign up.


5. Hotfrog

Fifth on our list with 45.5 website score. www.hotfrog.com.au.

On its home page, HotFrog claims to get 2.7 million people making more than 431,000 enquiries to businesses per month. And we believe them.

If you’re promoting your business in free business listings, HotFrog is a must. Add your business.

Their search function is a bit funny though… we could find ourselves searching for “Web Design” at Taringa (our suburb), but couldn’t find it searching for “8 Web Design” or “8 Web Design, Hosting & Domains”.


6. AussieWeb

With 42.3 website score, AussieWeb comes sixth on the list. www.aussieweb.com.au.

Probably one of the best free business listings in Australia.

With excellent SEO, AussieWeb is another must. Add your business.


7. Oneflare

Seventh on the list with 40.6 website score. www.oneflare.com.au.

Interesting concept, where they encourage people to request quotes.

Registered businesses receive job leads for free and only pay for the quotes they choose to submit. (monthly memberships also available).

Register your business.


8. Start Local

At the bottom of our list comes Start Local with 39.5 website score. www.startlocal.com.au.

Great website as it attracts users with sales, coupons, catalogues and free stuff.

Add your business.


Other Free Business Listings

There are heaps of free business listings out there. The following three were considered for the list of 8, but were beaten on the website score.

It’s Your Turn!

Tell us in the comments section which free business listings have we missed.