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Complete - Web Design

Ideal for

  • Established businesses that need guidance deciding what content to include in the website.
  • Websites that require basic online payments buttons.
  • Websites with several forms
  • Websites that require 10 or more pages or with more than 10 products/services to showcast

Customisation Level

We adapt a theme/template to your brand by adding your logo, modifiying the colours, fonts, buttons, borders and effects. This level of customisation makes your website look very unique.


  • Planning stage to produce the sitemap, content guidelines and timeline of the project
  • Web Design based on a theme/template, including mobile design and two rounds of revisions
  • Fully functional website with up to 30 pages (Content to be provided by you)
  • 1 year of monthly security updates & backups
  • 1 to 2 hours of training to edit the website content and to understand Google Analytics reports
  • Access to documentation to edit the content of the website
  • 1 year of Australian hosting


Your website begins with a thorough, up-front process of discovery.

Through a meeting or phone call, we get to understand your business, target audience, goals, processes and how your website fits into them.

Your website’s success depends on a solid foundation, this work is crucial.


  • Timeline
  • Sitemap
  • Content Guidelines


We will create a custom website design based on your branding, colors, functionality requirements, and best usability practices. Based on templates, your design will be adapted to be unique and setup for maximum conversion.

Your website will consist of a combination of convention and creativity to make sure that your visitors can find the content they need and inquire about your services. We design and code to the highest of standards and always keep up with industry trends.


  • 1 Custom website design concept
  • Cross-browser tested in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, & Google Chrome
  • 3 Rounds of revisions

Mobile Design

Visitors browsing your site from other device types may account for more than 50% of your website traffic. The mobile and tablet versions of your site will make browsing from these platforms an enjoyable experience. We will accomplish this by making your site “responsive” to various browser sizes.


  • Device testing - iPhone, iPad & Android.


Content will be created and provided by you. Content can range from text, pictures, galleries, PDF/PPT/DOC downloadable files, embedded video, forms, and any element supported by our Platform. All of our websites include dynamic menus as well as sitemaps to control site navigation.

CUSTOM MODULES: We will create the following custom modules as part of your website…

  • Forms: contact us and up to 3 more additional forms; all form data will be automatically emailed to you
  • Services Offering: It is important for your potential clients to know which services you are capable to provide.
  • Image Gallery: easy gallery creation with responsive user interface featuring intuitive image navigation and smart image preloading.

Blog/News (optional): you will be able to post new content and articles; your blog will include categories, and an archive; comments are optional; your blog will be integrated directly into your website; your blog supports categories, tags, and rss.


  • Fully functional website with up to 30 pages
  • Google Analytics install
  • Google Search Console setup


Monthly CMS Updates & Backup

Having the most up to date version of your CMS and installed plugins/components is crucial for your website’s security. Nevertheless, it is recommendable to make a full backup of your website before running updates.

We have integrated both CMS updates and backups in the same service, to minimise the risk of hacker attacks as well as the risk of damaging the website with non-compatible updates.



Included in this initial project will be one remote training sessions covering the following topics:

  • Basic website management
  • Analytics

Additional screencast trainings might be delivered to support specific processes included in your website project. Sometimes pre-recorded videos or documentation are opted in place of webinar trainings for certain backend processes.



Before your website goes live we will do a quality assurance review of each web page to make it meets scope specification. Also, we will help you transfer your DNS to point to your new website. Finally, we will provide a thirty (30) day warranty period from the day the website goes live to make sure the website meets your specifications.


Payment Options

  • 2 payments of $1,980
  • 12 monthly payments of $352
*12 month payment plans include an admin fee and direct debit is required.
** All prices in this website include GST

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